PETRONAS Sepang Racing Team, in collaboration with OHVALE, is proud to announce the 
PETRONAS SRT OHVALE Special Series MiniGP motorcycle which is available as a limited 
edition of 46 units from September.

Created for leisure use on track, the PETRONAS SRT OHVALE Special Series MiniGP is based 
on the OHVALE’s 160cc GP-0 model with a number of key enhancements and features as well 
as additional equipment. 

The OHVALE GP-0 is the same bike chosen by DORNA and FIM for the FIM MiniGP World 
Series Championship. Enhancements for the PSRT version include an upgraded chassis to 
allow a better fit for taller riders, fully adjustable suspension with Mupo front shocks and Ohlins 
at the rear, PSRT livery with winglets, Dell'Orto carburetor and a restyled Arrow exhaust system. 

Alongside the bike itself, each customer will receive an exclusive package comprising of 
bespoke branded tyre warmers, and a branded race carpet and bike cover. A selection of spare 
parts and a range of sprockets and pinions on a very attractive box is also supplied. 

The bike is finished in a limited-edition PETRONAS Yamaha SRT livery, which is supplied by 
the same company that paints the team's MotoGP race machines.

A limited 46 units of the PETRONAS SRT OHVALE Special Series MiniGP motorcycle will be 
built, each with their chassis number on the TOP bridge, with pre-orders being taken now for 
delivery from September.


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