This 1978 Kawasaki Z1 which is inspired by WWII bombers comes from Japan.
  I don't even think it's a novelty, indeed this project certainly has a few years on its shoulders, but it caught my attention because it looks like one of those works that Shinya Kimura could do, but it lacks that artistic touch that defines all his bikes.
Redrum Motoservice has a groos work creating in aluminum body that completely changes face to the Z1.


Z1R '78

● Engine

/ Piston: WISECO 73φ

・ Cam: Yoshimura ST-1

・ Cabin: KEIHIN FCR φ35

・ Muffler: Unique V8 muffler ・ OIL cooler


・ Ignition system: DYNA-S

● Outside

・ A

aluminum piece The exterior is the image of a fighter ・ The Stedan on the front fender is the image of a machine gun. It also works as a shock absorber

・ The duct behind the seat is for cooling the oil cooler inside the grille + vertical tail image

・ The air intake and under the cowl are a muffler cover and the oil catch tank is integrated

● Bodywork /

Undercarriage / Wheels: For F / R, Harley XL1200S

・ Before the wheel size: 19 × 2.15

・ After the wheel size: 16 × 3.00

・ Before the tire size: 3.00 × 19

・ After the tire size: 5.00 × 16

・ Fork: GSXR1000 88 '

・ Swingarm: Longsui for drag, steel

・ Rear suspension: YSS

・ Brake F: BMW R100RS

・ R brake: Performance Machine 4 pot

Back step: one-time perforated processing

 Redrum Motorservice 

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