New Toy for Mr T | 100th ANNIVERSARY PROJECT


GMB99 is a motorcycle workshop that is dedicated among other things to making the dreams of its customers come true. Those who know them well know that the AQUILA brand has a stolen heart and that talking about GMB99 is thinking about MOTOGUZZI.

Manel Mr. He left them a great task and at the same time a great responsibility before leaving, and it is that their GUZZI had an artistic and special touch that was not easy to follow. The GMB99 guys are very satisfied with the projects that are coming out of their small factory and they show that they have various commissions of the so-called ′ ′ fat ′ ′ in their hands and the STAFF already has 6 members.
The idea of ​​paying tribute to the brand for its 100th anniversary came out almost unwittingly or you could even say that it was written that you had to cross these two roads. 

On the one hand, the 100th anniversary of Motoguzzi and on the other hand Mr. will commission you this super project, this great challenge. As they say themselves;
- Among the Guzzi community we have always talked about how we would like to produce a bike to rival the BMW R nineT or the Triumph Thruxton 1200 r, a bike with a classic aesthetic, with current technology, with an eye to the past and the present and naturally with a power in line with the Eagle he carries inside.

In any case, unwittingly, the challenge was served; produce a Guzzi to rival the competition and have quality finishes that look like a motorcycle that came out of the same factory in Mandello de Lario.
The team already had experience in large projects, without going further, the Stendhal was a precious bike. But here they had to send the rest away and put more imagination than ever. It was GMB99's tribute to the brand for its 100th anniversary. Every detail, every color combination, every choice of materials ... everything was important. Without forgetting that we had to surprise the owner, yes yes .. surprise him.

′ ′ Mr. T almost gave us carte blanche to work, his only requests were:
 Let it be for 2 people if I want to go out with my wife.
 That it has so much power that giving gas it rubs the asphalt of the Castellana promenade.
For everything else, throw it in, guys !!
Clearly, a dream for any builder but at the same time a double-edged sword, because I can't imagine the team's stolen hours of sleep thinking ′ ′ and if they don't like it ... "′ ′ and if it doesn't surprise him enough "...

Always thinking that it had to be a motorcycle on the street, that is, registered and that it passed the blessed ITV (catalyst, intermittence, lights, mirrors, registrations ... all legal), they began to think about which combination of chassis and serious engine the one they chose for the project. The peripherals weren't so worried, even if you always had to be careful about the combination of elements to have everything under control.

If you had to rub the Castellana promenade they had to go to the maximum and here the 1st great challenge. The most powerful engine of the Guzzi gives around 110 hp and of course it was not enough. They started with a 1200cc 8-valve engine from a Grisso and to upgrade it they worked together with RG i a kit of cicognale, crankset, cylinders and pistons was manufactured to load it into the 1700cc displacement friolera, providing a power of 140 hp and a pair sufficient to ensure that Ayuso has to re-asphalt the Castellana, 16.5 kg of torque.
The initial idea was to make the injection bike, but to look for a bike with a ′ ′ modern-classic ′ ′ character everyone agreed to work with carburetors, it gives it that more retro, vintage, rascal, however 2 carburetor touch of flat door was the one who asked for shouts.

Another great handicap was the frame, it could not be the TONTI frame, too classic and widely used in transformations. They also had the problem that with so much power it was necessary to use a new generation gearbox and differential, much more strengthened and in line with the project.
The frame that came closest was that of a Bellagio, but its geometry was that of a chopper. Many changes have been made to the frame, from shortening the steering tube, closing it to geometry, rebuilding the whole rear, integrating the vaporization box into the frame ... an infinity of improvements in search of a motorcycle behavior new generation sport.

During the manufacturing process a lot of thought was given to the first impact, the visual impact that the bike had to give when they saw it, that is, the public had to see a Guzzi never seen before but think that it is something taken from the factory in person.
The first thought had to be; ′ ′ DIOSSSSSSSSSSSSSS those of Motoguzzi have surpassed ′ ′ and to the second an advanced Guzzista, giving him a second look to think; ′ ′ Nooo, this is from some manufacturers, but the finishes are as factory-made, this is a unique piece !!! "
The challenge was to confuse the audience.
To do this we decided to use a fuel tank from a current V7 and modify it to make the bike longer. In particular, the deposit has been extended by 70 mm to give it that touch of fast motion. A small, ROQUET-shaped fairing was also built to integrate you between seat-storage-fairing and transition to hyperspace. The ailerons of the fairing are a wink to the past and the present. In the past MV Agusta has already incorporated the ailerons in one of its racing bikes, the ′ ′ AQUILONE ′ ′ and in the present we do not stop seeing them in MOTOGP, always in constant evolution. Like its front train, the massive brake discs and the carbon fiber air inlets to cool also remind us, saving the differences, of the MOTOGP.

For the delivery of this toy you had to be up to it and during the first conversations with Mr. T for the assignment of the motorcycle, his eyes sparkled and his words massed as he spoke, just as a child imagines his new toy.
His reaction inspired us and so the idea of ​​the box emerged. Remembering our childhood and the illusion that I used to buy a bike in a box, without forgetting that the top ones brought extras inside to be able to play mechanics.

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