Dune | 1954 Triumph pre-unit chopper by Robbie Palmer


This Triumph chopper was created to participate in the People's Champ
The goal of the People’s Champ competition is to get exposure for builders who might not have been well-known enough to be official “Invited Builders” at Born Free.


There is so much talent out there, it’s impossible for the BF guys to know everyone and lots of People’s Champ competitors have gone on to compete in the big show the following years. We’re not promising anyone fame and fortune, but we’ll do our best to showcase your craftsmanship and the democratic process will determine the final Champ.

Here is a quick introduction by Robbie Palmer to participating in the People's Champ.
“I'm Robbie Palmer and I'm a self-taught bicycle builder from Northampton, UK, and I'm making a 1954 Triumph pre-unit chopper.
It is called DUNE and is inspired by the desert. The sand-colored frame, snakes, sabers and skulls are all inspired by this theme.
For this build I learned how to sand melt (in my garden and via YouTube videos) and tig weld and then cast the fuel and oil tank, primary cover, footboards, headlight, fender and many smaller parts. (If it stays still for more than 5 seconds, I will probably try to melt it) Most of the parts were sculpted from clay myself. "

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