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Many motorcyclists when they are riding their racing car choose to wear motorcycle helmets with drawings and they are very beautiful to look at.

Motorcycle helmets with designs can actually represent a distinctive element for a professional biker. Every self-respecting motorcyclist should have their own style and such items help personalize their image in the eyes of others

But very often graphics and geometric designs are used, leaving out the more artistic ones, but precisely because of this reduced diffusion, this can be an even more distinctive idea.

Among the few artists who are involved in customizing helmets is Pamela Reis, she is a born artist and a graphic designer, an expert freehand painter for 12 years. She believes that creativity has no limits and she loves to use various things like pyrography, brushes, digital illustration, etc. To show her creativity. Her hand painted artwork of hers won the Gnarly Magazine Tank Art Contest # 2019. Along with art, she is also passionate about music, combining art and music together, she formed-

Papeel, where her creativity expresses freedom as she works with the combination of various techniques to get the best for you.

Feel the hand painted artwork on your helmets, where each artwork is unique, created with techniques, concepts and emotions by the artist Pamela Reis, every time you take a look at Papeel's creations you have the pride in knowing that you are going to be the owner of a masterpiece.

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  1. And these jewels are made by the handsomest artist... wow!


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