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The art of origami is deeply linked to the world of Japan, where it assumes an almost sacred value.

This art demonstrates how the most beautiful things can be born from the simplest materials and these colored paper sculptures embody one of the most beloved concepts of oriental philosophy: nothing is fixed, everything is transformed into a continuous "becoming".

Inspired by this art form, Papnmam Modified ( Indonesia) created a special starting from individual metal elements that he gradually bent and shaped to obtain what his mind had already materialized.

Only by observing the various stages of processing is it possible to understand the amount of work, the art of working metal and the great imagination necessary to be able to obtain a result of this type.

In recent months, through his social channels, we have been able to appreciate his great dexterity and inventiveness while remaining really enthusiastic, so much so that we asked him for a short interview that Papnmam who kindly granted, where he talks about himself and this project.

 I personally have been pursuing this world since 20 years ago to be precise in 2000 ... from the start that didn't understand anything at all until now ...

I was self-taught ... indeed from the past I first jumped into metal work ... then had time to switch to fiberglass in 2010 - 2015 and finally returned to metal work again in 2015 until now ...

My team recruited from people who didn't know anything about metalwork . I trained slowly so that I could make them what they are.

This is my hobby as well as my job ... that's what always inspires me in this world...

The owner wants something special and doesn't want something that's already been.

So from that I kept thinking of looking for something that had never existed in this world

The owner also freed me for and most importantly the owner wanted the motorbike to be really decent and comfortable to ride

Armed with an engine from the Honda GL400, this time the concept I use is a more futuristic neo cafe racer

Our frames are made with iron plate material.The pieces of iron plate that we assembled together, we call it origami frame.
For the body we use 4mm aluminum plate material

The difficulty in making this motorbike is because we have never before seen this motorbike in full form, we only see it through pictures on social media. So it's a bit difficult for us to determine the wheelbase, ground clearance and so on.

The difficulty increases because we also never met the owner who ordered this motorbike ... our difficulty increased to make settings according to the owner's body posture

Most of the parts on this motorbike are handmade

For the finishing itself, we indeed make it more natural by showing the hair line from our handicrafts with the final coating finish.

The tank capacity is quite minimal ... around 4-5 liters, but that's enough to travel 80km

This motorbike riding position is quite comfortable with a 170cm body posture

 The story he told you and not even my words can accurately describe the enormous work carried out, practically every component was created from scratch, the amount of hours needed are in the thousands, something that is now almost impossible to implement as construction technique from us in Europe, where the cost of labor is very high.

We will hear more about PapnMam Modif, I assure you.

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