The FC Baja Scrambler

A mix of styles for his latest special, Marcus in recent years has already shown us what he is capable of and his creative flair, below you will find his previous works such as the splendid Ducati F1 Tracker or the futuristic and slender CRF Tracker Concept

It is based on Husqvarna FC250 2016 motocrosser. I started by stripping the frame from all powdercoat by hand and then left it bare metal with 2 layers of german gun oil, Ballistol. It works great to keep the rust away. Then I added an old rear fender from the scrap-bin to the original rear subframe. A plastic piece was designed to make a nice meeting between the seat and the fender. 

The side covers are reshaped and cut much smaller than original and now attached with quick-lock screws. The gas tank is a extra large one, 2,7 gallon from IMS with own billet gas cap based on CAD by myself. Thanks to Daniel at IMS products for the support. The gas cap have internal thread lock from a harley davidson :-). 

The weird shapes of the gas tank was so cool so I didn't wanted to add any tank shrouds but instead made small radiator covers in steel sheet metal. They have got some patina rust already around the husqvarna logo. :-) The seat was shortened to show of the tank but also to give it more of a scrambler look together with the scrambler style rear fender. 

That is when the name came up, Baja Scrambler. from the mix of influences from the big tanks of the Baja races and the scrambler look in the rear. The rear light come from an 1950s tractor that now feature a LED light internal and a 3D printed bracket. Front light which is a accessory light bought 10 years ago on a trip to Tokyo. It also got a 3D printed bracket. Third 3D printed bracket holds the ECU light on the top yoke.

The 21 and 19 inch wheels are from Roland Sands Design. I know Roland from way back when I just had finished my first build, the Husqvarna V1000 Gran Turismo concept bike and he was in the jury of the bike show in Sweden. He supported me and the Judge Contrast Cut wheels are the coolest wheels around in my opinon! The hubs I had to make myself in CAD and then I 3D printed in plastics and test fitted them before I was sure to leave them for CNC maching in aluminium. 

Tires are from Dunlop Geomax AT81. Thanks to Mattias at DunlopSverige.

FMF helped out with an awesome titanium full race system, the FACTORY 4.1 RCT TITANIUM SL. Thanks to Donny and Humberto there! It gives the bike an extra race feel! 

Sponsors and supporters of this build has been: FMF, IMS, Dunlop and Roland Sands Design.

It's built to be the gravel dirt road fun ride. Those roads through the swedish forest mile after mile. Those rides gives energy! It is a weird mix of parts and styles, just the way I like it. A true Marcus Moto Design kind of bike!


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