KZ1000 MkII | Todd Attebery Restomod

Of one of the best looking classic Kawasaki 4 cylinder road bikes. Only build in 1979 and 1980 with 94 hp the last of the classic Superbikes
By 1979 the one-time 903 Kawasaki was into its second year of Z1000 life, at 1,015cc, and displayed more than a few changes  sufficient, anyway, to justify Kawasaki calling it MKII.

In the engine the alterations were designed to boost power by 10bhp, to a peak of 93bhp at 8,000 rpm. Carburetor size had gone up 2mm to 28mm, the air-filter box had been modified, the silencers tuned; the crankshaft was rebalanced, with bigger journals, and the cams were made a little more fierce.

To deal with the extra power the chassis was strengthened around the headstock, and the steering geometry altered by a degree or two. Suspension remained entirely conventional, without multi-adjustment or air-assistance. In the event that is, on the road  the big four was beginning to show its years when compared with contemporary designs from Suzuki and Honda. Kawasaki's reputation in the 'superbike' field was slipping. It was only fully restored with the advent of the fuel-injection GPz 1100 in 1981.

The most obvious change to the Z1000 for the Mark Two model is its appearance the new bike sports Kawasaki's new, angular corporate styling. Cast alloy wheels, triangular sidecovers, plastic tailpiece and matt black engine give the Mark Two a very Z1 R ish look (without the fairing of course).

Todd Attebery, has carried out an update of the chassis in order to better exploit the bike on the road and have more driving motions, so new suspensions, wheels and brakes and even more engine power thanks to the new exhaust system and new air filters for the carburettors


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