The 60s were one of the most lively and fertile on the technical level, where telescopic or simply enthusiastic engineers were able to create specials for both 2 and 4 wheels. An example is this TecnoKart 250, a small genuine Formula 4 with Ducati engine, practicing a kart with steroids.

The Bologna based Tecno Team started with two brothers, Gianfranco and Luciano Pederzani. They owned a hydraulic pump factory in Bologna, Italy but their main interests were motor racing. They started by building Karts in 1962 (TecnoKart) and won several World titles. TecnoKart become a success worldwide and was well known both sides of the Atlantic.
Then in 1964 Gianfranco and Luciano Pederzani progressed to build Formula 4 cars. Only 250 of these Tecno Formula 4 cars were built!
In 1966 Tecno turned their attention to building F3 cars and two years later F2 cars. The Tecno team was the starting point for famous riders like Ronnie Peterson, Derek Bell, Francois Cevert and the Swiss driver Clay Regazzoni, these little car cut the teeth of so many of Motorsports truly great drivers. Discovered by Coys specialist untouched in a barn for 20 years, this wonderful Tecno, with a Ducati engine in the back,  represents a wonderful piece of Motorsport and Motor racing history.

Formula 4 – Class 1. 250cc.
Single seater cars only.
Minimum wheelbase 63 inches.
Minimum track of front and rear wheels 41 inches.
Exhaust system to project no more than 10 inches behind rearmost edge of rear tyres and outlet must be horizontal or inclined downwards.
Roll bar compulsory.
Engine must have a maximum capacity of 250cc and be air cooled.
No more than two cylinders.
Normally aspirated, no Turbo or Super chargers allowed
Engine must be from a Standard Series Production, Touring motor cycle or Sports machine of which at least 1000 produced.
The minimum total weight of driver, car and any fuel left at the end of every race must be 500lb. (“I’m probably 2 thirds that weight without the car!”)

Photo from Stile Italiano 

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