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The future is electric, many say it, journalists, magazines, websites, and as we stubbornly stick to the old and affectionate, gasoline engine, the future goes a long way, and companies do not want to be left behind to find themselves ready For when this epic change takes place.

Bultaco, the historic name of motorcycling has its proposal

When Bultaco decided to pull the wraps off its all-new Rapitan electric motorcycle, it did so for their equally-new Rapitan Sport prototype, too. Based on the same new platform, the Rapitan Sport is a show stealer, even though we know there will be plenty of riders who will not be as thrilled as we were when we first laid eyes on it.
Bultaco Rapitan Sport Prototype 6 photos
Bultaco Rapitan Sport PrototypeBultaco Rapitan Sport PrototypeBultaco Rapitan Sport PrototypeBultaco Rapitan Sport PrototypeBultaco Rapitan Sport Prototype
Being the Rapitan’s almost identical twin, the Sport version uses the same 53 hp, 125 Nm (92 lb-ft) motor, belt drive, regenerative braking system and bike management units. The same goes for the frame, fork and swingarm, with a major difference being made in the aesthetic department by the tracker design.

While the Rapitan seemed a tad more eager to show off its yellow trellis chassis, the Sport version comes with slightly more generous bodywork. This includes covers for the Hossack-type tubular fork, a different tail section, a classic, retro-ish ribbed seat. The dark silver frame is neatly contrasting with the happy yellow fairing elements with bright blue accents.

The retro looks are complemented by the wire spoked wheels and tracker tires, while the dual headlights under the flyscreen/ number plate add even more strangeness in the eyes of the conservative riders. Still, since we’re looking at a prototype, we might get to see some changes in the production version, hopefully for the better.

No price was mentioned, but we’ve been given hopes that the new Bultaco machines could arrive in dealerships by the end of this year. Bultaco is the third European manufacturer which makes a comeback with electric bikes, after Voxan and Sarolea.

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