Neo Cafe Racer Marc 1 Lunatic

Modified Honda CBR250RR-style Neo Cafe Racer, is one of the three motorcycles Honda CBR250RR garapan modifikator Indonesia given the opportunity by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) in the program Honda Dream Ride Project.

All three are modifiers who won the Honda Modif Contest (HMC) 2016. One of three CBR250RR-style Neo Cafe Racer is the work of Yuwono Djati, who when HMC holds the title in the Cub & Sport National class.

The challenge that must be passed by Yuwono is, make a modification motor that has an interesting concept also consider the element of safety when used as a rule of play. Step Yuwono done for CBR250RR looks different from the other is the front fairing that is replaced with galvanized plate with 1.2 mm thick.

To build a sporty tire tread width application Firestone Deluxe 18 × 3.50 front and 18 × 3.50 on the rear wrapped aluminum rim size 18 × 2.50 on the front and 18 × 3.50 at the rear. Rear tire was attached to a custom swingarm that adds a solid impression.

Yuwono Djati said, he dreamed the results of different modifications from the concept of Café Racer which is currently used frequently. Therefore, the selection of concepts, materials, and costs used should also be appropriate. This is a challenge for him.

"I chose the concept of Café Racer is different from the modifications that never existed, of course, with the priority element of safety that will be comfortable later when dikendarai. Because the design that I offer different, I hope when people see the results of my work can be inspired to create better than my work, "said Yuwono.

As a result Yuwono artificial motor is capable of being used in the area of ​​Yogyakarta, which passes historic places in Yogyakarta such as Tugu Yogyakarta, to various coastal tourist areas such as Beach Depok and Pantai Baru with a total distance of about 500 km.

From Dapurpacu.com

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