800 Km Global Classic Moto Race

The 800km race GP Spa Classic 2014 will be held on hiking the provinces of Santiago del Estero in the International Circuit of the city of Rio Hondo on 25, 26, 27 and 28 September 2014. 

They will be divided into the following categories: 

Vintage: Up to 1930
Pre American War: From 31 to 45
Pre European War: From 31 to 45
Post American War: From 46 to 66
Post European War: From 46 to 66
Japanese Post War: From 46 to 66
Contemporary: From 65 to 82
Contemporary Special: At the discretion of the organizing committee 
Motorcycle Track

An idea that began to shape in mid-2013. Imagine an event where we could bring collectors and friends in a unique environment, united by the same passion, our bikes.

The south routes and landscapes have always been the dream of every rider, and to be followed with our classic bikes, a challenge. The city of San Carlos de Bariloche was definitely the place to begin our story.

So Patagonia Classic 800km born 2014, accompanied by a group of enthusiastic friends we realize our dream.

800 KM began in Patagonia and Argentina not only tour, but the best places in the world.

The spirit of competition and good living, are the essence of KM 800, our philosophy of life.

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