Christmas Gift for Dad

One thing to think about when purchasing a gift for your father is what does he enjoy doing the most? In my case, my father rides his Harley-Davidson a lot. Every day as a matter of a fact. He rides to work and to the market. With the Christmas season already here, I figured I can buy something that can really help him out and something that I know he will enjoy. I’m buying him a pair of saddlebags for his Sportster.

When I decided to do buy this gift I knew I wanted to get some the best of the best. I looked around and one company always came up in my searches. I would type Harley saddlebags and would get a listing for Viking Bags. I did a bit of research and it turned out that they have a great selection of saddlebags for all Harley models, at least all of the most popular ones.
This was great because I could very easily narrow down my search. Since I knew I had to get my father something that would fit the Sportster I messaged one of their online reps and they quickly guided me over to the Sportster saddlebags page. All I had to do here is pick the specific model that I was looking for and bravo! I found dozens of different saddlebags that would fit my father’s Sportster 1200 Low. By no means am I saying that this is the end all for saddlebags but the selection that these guys have is impressive. If you think about the different types of saddlebag combinations you can have, you’re still not even close to the amount of combinations these guys have. There’s the simple studded versus non-studded, they have dozens of each. They also have saddlebags with chrome buckles and some that don’t even have buckles.

In addition, they have the same bag with different finishes like studs, buckles, or none. Not to mention that each bag is practically available in different sizes ranging from small to extra-large. Don’t take my word for it, take a look yourselves and see the combinations that they offer. As for me, I decided to go with the Concord Leather Studded Saddlebags. Although they were some of the most expensive available I wanted to make sure that I didn’t spare any expense for a one of a kind gift. A cool thing that they have available on their product page is that they have customer’s pictures available to look at. This is very helpful because you can see what those particular bags will look like once they’re already installed on the motorcycle. Its one thing for them to show you a pristine motorcycle with the saddlebags installed in a studio photo shoot but it’s completely different when the regular folks like you and me send them pictures. I really like the idea of sending them a picture of my father’s Sportster with the saddlebags already installed.
If you’re in the market for a gift for a motorcycle riding buddy or family member, look no further. The amount of options you have available is quite impressive and I only looked into the bags for the Sportster, take a look yourselves and you’ll be impressed.

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