Triplespeed ParoX

At a time when the pressure of social pressure is increasing and the society is only accepting top performance, it is hardly surprising that more and more people are succumbing to burn out, frustration and depression. A solution to the problem - the handle to "colorful pills". Another - the way to the garage.

With the ParoX we deliver the daily dose "bliss". Free of side effects (except in Flensburg), not prescription, goes directly into the brain and ensures maximum party mood under the cranium. A brave ride around the block, an attack on the track, or simply the after-work hooligan ride through the city - after a dose of ParoX, the world looks just as colorful and lovable again.

The ingredients of this miracle drug are extremely exquisite and noble: the commander's bridge with the finest accessories from Rizoma, the complete entertainment program with Dashboard and Co. from Motogadget, brake and clutch pump from Magura, an apocalyptic sound system from Remus-Motorrad.de , Dynojet Power Commander, Motomaster Flame discs and the finest milling material from the Desmoworld manufactory. For this purpose, a complete suspension system exclusively from the Mupo importer Zupin, whose technical as well as optical details move to knee bends. And not to forget, Metzeler's all-terrain weapon - the new Roadtec 01. The whole packed in a hundred percent dark triplespeed style and rounded off with noble matt carbon and a lot of heart blood.

Hyperactive Supermoto style meets apocalyptic Modern Fighter Art - the triplespeed ParoX - your daily dose of peace and happiness!

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