The STR 750

750 Honda Tracker by AD&RM Custom Motorcycle Co.

"Hi Guys,

My name is Ryan Wall and I'm from Brisbane, Australia. I am garage builder working towards opening a shop with my father.

He and I have built a fair few bikes together, one that was featured on pipe burn last year (Kawasaki KH100 'The Pickle' ). He likes to remain the silent partner in our venture, I guess in case it goes bust (haha).

Attached are a few photos of my recent build. The bike is 1985 Honda CBX750 Street tracker, or STR (Street Track Racer) as I dubbed it. I wasn't actually looking for this bike when I got it, my girlfriend works in Real Estate and gave it to me after it was given to her from a Client. I was actually surprised when I got the phone call asking me if I wanted the bike because she definitely knew she wouldn't see me much once I got it. I was really interested in the street tracker bikes that started coming out last year and the style of ride it gives you - so I planned to do it to the CBX. It was a good feeling because I hadn't seen a CBX that was taken way out of its 1980's sport bike characteristics. Finding parts that would fit the CBX proved interesting too, with no 'bolt on' items available. This allowed me to fabricate and play around more than what I have before.

The bike has taken me around 9 months to complete, working mostly nights after work and weekends when available.

The list of mods include; Custom subframe, Lowered forks, CBR900 and 600 wheels, Cb1000f swing arm, Modified Suzuki tf185 tank, Handmade rear tail, Side plates and front plate, Dunlop d616 tyres, S/S brake lines, Ram-air filters, Custom werkes s/s exhaust, Trail tech speedo and a few other 'look nice' items.

I would really appreciate hearing what you think of the bike."

Thanks for your time,
Ryan Wall
AD & RM Custom Motorcycle Co.

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