Avinton Roadster Vintage

Think Cromwell, Climax, Barbour and guys with slicked back hair : Avinton’s Vintage finish is a tribute to the legendary British Café Racers.

Thanks to specifically chosen elements this deliciously retro style steals the spotlight. The original Marchesini rims are replaced with Kineo spokes. The owner may choose the colour of the hub, spokes, rims, and even the anodizing of the spoke heads. To plunge even further into the rebel sprit special rear-view mirrors are placed at the ends of the handlebars, one of the most typical features of British Café Racers. To enhance the rider’s comfort, the sport seat is replaced with a comfort seat. Finally, just to top of an already incredible look we recommend grabbing one of our vintage helmets that can be custom made to match the truly rock and roll muscle-bike.

Vintage Finish Special Equipment :

Kineo Spoke Rims
Comfort Seat
Café Racer style Rear-view mirrors
Font Break Disc (stainless steel break track) with AJP 6 piston caliper
AJP break lever
ArrowStainless Steel Silence

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