Stealing Speed

Mat Oxley mi ha inviato un mail dove mi comunica che completato la sua ultima fatica letteraria , un libro che racconta il mondo delle corse nel dopoguerra , anzi lo sviluppo tecnologico dei motori 2 tempi , con aneddoti interessanti .
Per paura di di tradurre in maniera errata la sua mail la pubblico in maniera integrale.
"Hello Rocket, nice blog, but, hmmm, do you allow two-strokes
I ask because I've just written a book which the blog might be interesting in. Stealing Speed tells the story of how the two-stroke came to kick ass - thanks to former Nazi rocket engineer Walter Kaaden, who used the know-how from the V-1 doodlebug pulsejet engine to create the expansion chamber. Working at East German factory MZ, from 1953 to 1961 his 125 GP bike's engine power went from 9bhp to 25bhp, the world's first normally aspirated engine to make 200bhp per litre. Kaaden's favourite rider Ernst Degner was on the verge of beating Honda to the 1961 world championship when he defected, taking a suitcase full of MZ engine parts and selling Kaaden's secrets to Suzuki. In 1962 Kaaden and Suzuki won the 50 world title, the two-stroke's first world success. Then Yamaha and Kawasaki used to same know-how to score glory. Without Kaaden's genius and Degner's treachery it's possible that none of this would have happened. Degner's life in the West turned bad, he suffered horrific injuries in several accidents, became addicted to morphine and died in mysterious circumstances. One theory is that East Germany 's hated Stasi secret police did him in. The book is out no, on amazon.co.uk or wherever you want to find it.
Cover attached, plus two photos. Degner on the grid in 1958 - check the handbeaten fairing and lace-up boots. Well cool. Degner chasing the Hondas of Takahashi, Phillis and Redman at the 1961 Ulster GP.
If you need any more info, just let me know.
all the best

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