"Wakizashi" TVS Ronin

The boys of  Rajputanacustoms given 8 Days to build a cafe racer for @tvsmotorcompany.
This is what they did.

The katana is not the only world-famous sword that originated in Japan. Another sword commonly associated with Japanese history is the wakizashi. It has a similar design to the katana, with a curved, single-edged blade. However, the wakizashi is a very distinctive sword that has some fundamental differences from the katana.

The wakizashi is not only smaller than the katana, but also has a different cross section. Japanese blacksmiths often created the wakizashi with a narrower cross section to make it a sharper and deadlier weapon. The disadvantage of this type of cross section, however, is greater wear and tear on the blade.

Bike Features: TVS Ronin 225 cc

Dunlop Sportmax Mutant Tyres

Dropped triple clamps

Shorter & Stiffer fork travel

Moto Gadget speedometer

Sportbike hand & foot controls

Bar end indicators

K&N air filter

Hand-brushed finished aluminium Gas Tank & Rear Cowl!

Custom rear sprocket, swingarm, subframe, seat, exhaust, headlight, taillight and various other smaller details across the bike!

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