La Bulla 1600

Sculptured motorcycles Bmw K1600 by Valtoron
It was a little more than a year ago when we received the assignment for a #BMWK1600 transformation. A huge challenge!! We had never transformed a bike with such a great technology and sophistication before.

 Moreover, the bike had to fulfil a number of requirements that conditioned the design. It had to be suitable for the daily use and, at the same time, it had to fulfil the TÜV specifications.All that made us to consider many factors to carry out the project as, for example, to keep the original petrol tank and air box, which involved certain limitations when modelling the new bodywork.The electronic was another of the encountered difficulties since most of the original elements, as the instrumentation, the switch lights and some sensors, had to be kept for the correct functioning of the bike.The bodywork, naturally, was made of sand cast aluminum, 100% recycled, on which we applied a finishing “of the house”.

Once we passed the test, the result looks incredible to us. With a powerful and dynamic design, we made efforts so that it also looks elegant, 100% Valtorón.

Jens,our customer,when ordered the bike, gave us carte blanche for the design of the bodywork, but he had very clear ideas about some aspects. He wanted a single-seat bike; the exhaust gases had to go through six holes located in the tail seat in order to show the rear wheel; he also wanted a light system with last generation LED technology. He was also determined to improve the original wheels and braking system by adding the carbon BST wheels and an ISR braking system. To make the bike lighter, a carbon lower fairing was made, a front fender from the same material was adapted and the racing footrests were installed, designed specifically for this project. Jens ordered to build the exhaust system  to HATTECH in Germany.

This makes that the dynamic behavior is really spectacular, together with a breathtaking design and an amazing sound.

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