The attention to detail in this special in scale is taken almost to the extreme, observing the galleries you can see the splendid result of a meticulous and painstaking work, but if you really want to understand the amount of work and attention dedicated to this project you have to look at the video you find at the end of this article


Scratched items:
-Swing arm (from plastic plate)
-Chain cover (from white plate)-Orleans
rear shock (from plastic plate, putty, copper wire, etc.)
-Battery and surrounding parts (from plastic plate, putty, etc.) )
・ Ignition coil (from plastic bars, etc.)
・ Steering damper and bracket (from brass pipe, aluminum pipe, epoxy putty, etc.)
・ Seat (from epoxy putty based on kit)
・ Front fork (from stainless steel pipe, plastic pipe)
・ Top bridge & Bottom bridge (from epoxy putty)
, exhaust pipe (from plastic bar)
, back step assy (from aluminum plate)
, movable side stand (from spring, brass wire, white plate)
, oil cooler separator (from epoxy putty)
, carburetor air funnel ( From plastic vip)
・ Stabilizer (from aluminum plate)
・ Fuel cock (from aluminum pipe ) ・Grubb
bar (from aluminum pipe)
・ Front brake bracket (from aluminum plate)
・ Rear brake torque rod (from aluminum pipe)

In addition to this, various piping is applied, the carburetor is based on the kit, full details up including a self-made choke lever, the front brake is for the YZR500 disc, the caliper is for CBR400F, the tire is a completely special specification using GPZ900R


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