LM Creations V85 TT for Vanguard Clothing

LM Creation has received the request from Vanguard to participate in this great competition to design an "ugly, but sophisticated" Scrambler, based on the new Moto Guzzi V85 TT released. With both brands, Vanguard and Moto Guzzi, and taking into account the criteria indicated, I started to put on some drawings on paper what the bike would have been like.

Five selected manufacturers testify to build a unique Vanguard V85 Scrambler of its kind. 
The selected crews can go all out, but there are a couple of rules: they have to work with the Moto Guzzi V85 TT bike as a starting point. The design has to be bad ass but sophisticated and they have to use details from the new Vanguard V85 jeans

The basic idea of ​​Lm Creations for a scrambler is that it is a naked and ready bike for all types of off-road vehicles. This meant that the V85TT had to follow a little diet. So, I removed every kilo of bodywork in a bare frame. Since the bike, without fairing, gastank, seat, etc., is a rather low bike, I wanted to give the bike back a little body, but make it toned and lean. This is accomplished by designing a gastank with an empty space passing through. The 3D composite wood panels integrated in the tank are made of wood chips with carbon fibers cast in resin. Replacing a heavy part of the original bike, with a light and ecstatic designed feature. The tank, together with the floating auxiliary frame, gives the bike a modern and sophisticated look, scrambler.

Other features that fit the scrambler look are: the all-road enduro tires, a dirt bike inspired front fairing LED headlight, a minimalistic skid plate branded with the Vanguard name, carbon exhaust, a partially denim seat integrated with the 3D jeans lion logo and other high end products and gadget feature details.

The winning team is the one with the most likes, so vote now if you want your favorite design to become a reality. Vote now here 

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