Nembo 32 | Tipo 3 Provocator

Cars and motorcycles can be just means of transport, or wonderful toys giving men of character and with good taste, unrivalled sensations.

When a motorcycle belongs in the second category it has added value, since no car will ever give the sensations that an extraordinary motorcycle can give

After the nembo 32 Tipo 1 and the Nembo 32 Tipo 2 "iperleggera", here is the Type 3 "provocator".
At first glance the Type 3 may look very similar to the first Nembo 32 (Type 1) and it has some details in common with Iperleggera (Type 2), but only the engine and the swingarm are the same, the rest is new and parametrically designed. So it's not just 3D digital vapour, but a  ready to be built bike in its entirety. The Type 3, despite its large 2000cc Nembo engine, maintains neat, "greyhound-like shapes. It is a strongly desired result, because I am always convinced that the "voids" determine the quality of the design and that the and of the shapes surrounding them, completing the charm that, in my opinion, must have a beautiful motorcycle, IMHO. So, even if it doesn't seem, except the engine and the swingarm, it's all new!

Each component delivers a double or triple function. For example, as in the previous models, the new carbon body shell is also a conveyor of the air flow which enters from the "mouth" feeding the airbox air intake (where the two LED headlights are also housed and cooled) and also cools the two large oil or water radiators  (if water cooling is done), hidden underneath. The air flow also cools down the oil and the fuel tank, as well as the electronic components and the rider's legs (perhaps the freshest legs of all the current motorcycle world, because the cylinders are at the bottom).

The fuel tank (14 Lt) and the oil tank (5 Lt) are integrated in the metal body of the seat element and support one of the three attachment points of the new plates which hold the footrests and the new exhaust system at three mouths. One of the interesting things is to have created the space to put the battery where I want and then use it as a "weight" to adjust the position of the center of gravity to the millimeter. 

Despite the very long swingarm, the wheelbase has decreased by 40mm, reaching now 1460mm. All these interventions bring down the overall weight, making the bike even more interesting to ride. The airbox air intake is visible through a transparent polycarbonate element that integrates, following its shape, to the bodywork. 

The virtual dashboard is projected on it. In the air intake are housed the two main LED headlights, which project the light beam over the handlebar. In that position they are also effectively cooled. There is no "classic" headlight to prevent the airflow from reaching radiators and airboxes through the "mouth". Instead of the classic headlight, there is in fact an old style "number plate", drilled for the passage of air and to house the three led position lights: three, how many the cylinders are.

The front number plate is drilled like the facial masks of the gladiators of the "provocator" specialty, that is, those that caused the opponent to start the fight. And indeed, even the Type 3 is a true provocation ... Since it works well, the concept of a structural inverted engine which works as a platform to bolt the front and rear end, is the same as in previous models. 

It is a scheme that allows an extreme and  centralization of the sprung masses, impossible by the traditional schemes, to improve the dynamics of the bike. Moreover it allows to have a swingarm (in carbon) of 680/700 mm without increasing the wheel base over 1450 mm (isn't it a record?). The result, of this latest refinement work, is a light (160 Kg dry) and nimble bike, designed for pure fun even with a little throttle opening, thanks to the great torque and power "given" by the generous 2000cc three-cylinder engine. There is currently no equally lightweight 1800/2000 cc motorcycle.

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