Himalayan MJR Roach: A Royal Enfield With A Turbocharged Engine

MJR Roach is designed to survive anything. Inspired by video games, the build takes the base Himalayan and makes it the most it could be with enormous chunky tires, a formed aluminum single-sided swingarm, and - because why not! - a Garret turbo charger. MJR Roach is ready for whatever dystopian future your imagination can throw at it!

The Royal Enfield’s stand at London’s 2019 ‘Bike Shed Show’ included a modified Himalayan, labelled as MJR Roach, that packs a turbocharger and has been designed to survive anything. The perfectly customized Royal Enfield Himalayan MJR Roach features rugged styling and premium hardware that gives it a unique and distinctive look.
Going by the design, it shows the stance of aggressiveness with rugged styling. The bike has been heavily modified and one cannot identify it if it has no Himalayan moniker on it. The first noticeable change can be spotted by looking at its headlight. The Himalayan MJR Roach comes with four-pod projector lights.

The windscreen has also been removed and there is a custom panel that has been installed just above the headlamps. The rear end of the bike continues to use a mono-shock suspension, while the front end has been equipped with thick upside-down telescopic forks.

Even the chassis has been given a new paint scheme which matches the crash bars and headlights. There is a yellow belt that runs through the top-centre of the motorcycle which adds a nice contrast to the visuals. The fuel tank of the bike remains the same as that of the original Himalayan but the seat of the motorcycle has been modified making it a proper single-seater model.

Coming to the wheels, the rear one features a massive change as the customised motorcycle is equipped with a very fat tyre with an attractive looking alloy wheel. The front wheel has not been switched and it is the same factory-fitted 21-inch wire-spoke wheel. Both the wheels feature off-road spec knobby tyres.

The premium touch to the bike has been added by installing a single-sided swingarm that has replaced the twin-sided setup. Instead of the conventionally positioned stock exhaust, the Himalayan MJR Roach features a customized twin-pipe exhaust system.

Mechanically, no specifications of the Himalayan MJR Roach have been revealed, but the addition of a turbocharger would have improved the performance numbers on the modified bike. For Braking performance, the power comes from the disc brakes on both wheels while the rear disc brake has also been repositioned. We must say that this turbocharged Royal Enfield motorcycle looks ready to tackle extreme conditions.

From https://news.maxabout.com

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