Bmw R80 cafe racer by  Blackbean Motorcycles 

Starting point was a R80RT type 247 with original cast wheels, travel suitcases and full boarding. First, the machine was completely dismantled and carried out a detailed inventory. 

The frame and the other attachments such as swingarm and final drive, and fork and tank were in good condition and the appearance of the original paint. After consultation with the customer, the original cast wheels were replaced by spoke wheels. For this we have used Xs preformance rim rings paired with GS hubs and connected with freshly drawn V2A spokes. Since we did not want cross spokes, but row spokes, we had to change a lot of the brake system and the rear suspension. The brake system has been updated with the help of two Brembo P4 Titanium 4 piston calipers and an ISR 17.5 mm pump. The drum brake on the rear axle was turned out and provided with fresh coverings.

Next in the front end, the LED ring, which was removed from an accident headlight of a BMW E91 and encased in a new aluminum housing, immediately attracts attention. The cockpit begins above the daytime running lights, driving information is provided by a Daytona speedometer, and control lights such as turn signals and high beam are integrated in the self-made upper triple clamp. As motor targets round steering endlinkers and LSL clipons round off the frontend.

The tank was adapted by us in his intake and provided with our V2A company logo. Furthermore, the fuel is now fueled by our self-made filler neck with internal ventilation and gerendelten aluminum lid. As a rest system we have adapted and installed a Tarozzi universal system, brake and shift linkage made of V2A. We made the rear frame specifically, as well as the redesigned hump, which is covered by a perforated real leather seat. A lasered stainless steel trim completes the enclosed tail light with integrated turn signals.

The strut from Wilbers was adjusted to the weight of the customer and ensures perfect roadholding. Arriving at the final drive you can see our specially designed license plate holder made of stainless steel. For stability, we have installed an aluminum cover plate with license plate illumination. The engine of the machine has been completely overhauled. New stored, sealed and nachgehonte. Piston rings, timing chain and slide rails have also been renewed. The cylinder heads were planned to the maximum, all valve guides and the exhaust valves renewed. The perfect air-fuel mixture is now the responsibility of PHF36 Dellortos, which have been modified and refurbished for perfect tuning. Finally, the machine got a specially made in-house stainless steel exhaust system.

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