Virago XV 750 by Diogo Oliveira

Yamaha XV 750 '81 by Diogo Oliveira
This is indeed a love story, an old flame, this Yamaha was the outbreak of the Classic Way, this was the bike I saw pass for years and when I stopped to repair and fell in love, could also be confused with a recent history .

It was undoubtedly the biggest challenge I found to this day, but I think eventually be overcome, for me, is undoubtedly my masterpiece.

The colors and graphic design got the attention of Luis Gonçalves da big plans, are a tribute to my idol the nine-time world champion VALENTINO ROSSI, it goes without saying then that hope to add to this number and the wall that the bike 10 world title best driver of all motorcycling times.

Thank and give photographic credits will model Sofia Costa undoubtedly the best possible choice and that added all its beauty and sensuality and has this perfect session, and re-consecrate the great work that for me and the king of Nelson Dias photography.
Thank you all and a special to a friend who shared hours working yarn with me in the development, João Maurício.


  1. Great ride! Love the big V-twin. Girl on the bike is also a pleasure to look at ;)

  2. Looks awesome! I'm wondering where that seat came from though, any insight?

  3. Great bike! Wondering where that seat came from, any insight?


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