Bmw R45 by Classic Way

Bmw R45 Scrambler by Classic Way from Portugal 
"All worth it when the passion is not small"
In business, as in everything in life, when we use passion and love in what we do, the result can only be positive.

It is based on this maxim was born in Guimarães, the CLASSIC WAY!

We say proudly that this is a project of love for Valentine.

The taste for coffee racer / Scambler is a way of life. Our creations are the vehicle to live it.

It has long wanted a challenge as it was this bmw r45 reality and enjoying more or less, the customer got that gleam in the eye that gives us the courage needed to continue to work every day ... the rest of the pictures dictated the sentence, as well as criticism of all love.

Special thanks owner of this beauty Marco Silva and excellent professional who made the photos Nelson Dias.

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