Red Sun

Honda with the CB750 popularized the inline four-cylinder engine with overhead camshaft, so it subsequently became the dominant sport bike engine layout. The CB750 is included in the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Classic Bikes, was named in the Discovery Channel's "Greatest Motorbikes Ever"…

That's why We all want the sport motorcycle from past, in this case the allmighty CB750 four. If possible in vintage look, like this red-brown-Firestone combo.

So here it is, the RedSun, made in 7seven customs. Standing on Firestones, with rebuild engine and all new layout. In half a year we did everything, we rescued this motorcycle from 4 big paper boxes, with engine that was not working at all. We put a new life with our touch into this project. New coluor, new electricity, a lot of new parts, but with old sport 4 into 1 Sebring exhaust. That's how we love it.


-          Firestone super deluxe tires
-          Renthal handlebar
-          Biltwell grips
-          All in one digital speedo
-          New foldable race levers
-          Custom seat made by Frogg
-          Fuel tank colour job by MitchArt
-          ALU turn signals in LED tech.
-          New race piston set rebuilt by mr.Moteh
-          Clear headlight
-          Texas tail light
-          New rear shock absorbers
-          HEL performance Slovenia brake lines
-          Wrapped pipes
-          4 into 1 Sebring exhaust
-          Airpods &

Pictures: 77C


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