V8 Racer Jeans

Numbnut Motorcycles made this super-cool Guzzi for Vanguard clothing
The V8 Racer jeans and Moto Guzzi V8 Vanguard are inspired by the legendary Moto Guzzi V8 from the 50 large 8-cylinder 500cc

This threw all the conventions of that time on board. Until today, the legend lives around the machine on. This leads to a source of inspiration, which has been a great development. Vanguard wrote a new chapter in the big book of the Moto Guzzi V8 by entering into a collaboration with the Amsterdam custom motorcycle builders Numbnut Motorcycles: the development of custom Moto Guzzi V8 Vanguard and Vanguard V8 Racer Jeans. In cooperation with the Swiss Design Gannet, Numbnut designed a unique contemporary version of the classic Moto Guzzi V8. In the design of both the engine and the jeans are 8 processed the same unique features. Detailing and workmanship are sublime, everything is made with craftsmanship and unique.

// Design by Gannet Design 
// Custom Made by Numbnut Motorcycles for Vanguard Clothing

Photo by Floris Velthuis Fotografie

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