"SUPERSTAR", Bonnie Tracker

Following the current trend in Europe, Tamarit Motorcycles has done a great job, they were able to radically change the face of this Bonneville, giving it a new image much more lively and at the same time making the most fun motorcycle without extensive modifications on the motorcycle frame.

Most of the people who change their bikes always chooses the classic colors, matte black usually, but in this case were free to give vent to the imagination

"Our inspiration came months ago by typing "DIRT TRACK RACER" on Google. Motorcycles with bright, chrome, small deposits, no fenders, headlights off and with no front brakes colors. really beautiful and very personal bike. The same concept that we wanted to move to a street bike and following some rules of law. Their shapes were clear, our track dirt seat and presented in Neptune above, our protectors of the fork, the engine of the keel and our opposite numbers, are the most significant parts of this bike to acquire this look we wanted, l ' appearance of a motorcycle 80 bet on a classic cross-chromed handle, chrome mirrors, chrome chain cover, chrome speedometer and chrome wheels keep the source of the bike. "

For the wheels, we decided a mixed front and rear tire, Mitas E 07 were needed our intermittent kit and removing make an urban bike and the power, and Onlins of 36centimetros dampers move to give balance and height of the bike on the back and as the flagship: our BOCANEGRA, low loss placed under a totally dirt road look. We finally reached the hardest part, painting the bike. We wanted something really spectacular, and does not leave anyone indifferent, so we chose candy red bow metal with a white leaf and pearly gold. With those colors they could not have another name SUPERSTAR, and that name alone could bring the number 1."

Model: Triumph Bonneville
Year: 2010 Injection
Manufacturer: Triumph
Displacement: 865 cc
Escape "black mouth" Tamarit Motorcycles
Fork: 41 mm Origin
Faro: front mask Tamarit Motorcycles
Handlebars: classic handlebar cross
Mini speedometer: speedometer white koso
Grips: camel Biltwell
Fuel tank: Origin.
Seat: Dirt Track Motorcycles Tamarit.
Pneumatic tires Mitas E07
Other Accessories: chromed Highsider mirrors, intermittent shin-yo, keel Tamarit motorcycles, "covers chains" Tamarit motorcycles, fork protector Tamarit motorcycles and "lateral dorsal" Tamarit Motorcycles square.
Design and Painting: Motorcycles Tamarit.

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