Forge Bandit

The simplest solutions are always for the best.
You take a bike from strong and reliable mechanical and removes what they do not like to rebuild it according to their taste and adding a personal touch, this is what made The Atelier Forge to change things this Suzuki Bandit 600

Gwenole Bizien, speaks for itself and tells us the story of this bike

Hi guys,
We participate to the bikesheed and caferacer festival this year with my girlfriend we opened our shop. Forge. located near Nantes in France, after a first work on a bmw r80, we transformed a Suzuki Bandit 600, a classic motorcycle yes, ugly, young license when I saw this bike, I thought, it's too ugly! we should cut all the rear and it was gone a strong idea, use of wood, for small keys associated with the brushed metal avans we kept some original features such as meters and the headlight, which allow to recognize a bandit the counters are lowered and the headlight, tinted yellow the goal was to make a Japanese very feminine, with curves and wood the tank was blasted and brushed twill with a sandpaper was large grain it becomes almost textile many wooden parts that we have done and where we faced a number of technical problems the fender is the centerpiece, it is wood veneer, varnish, and placed peak hongris the exaust is that of a bmw t fork, grips, foot pegs and different parts are wood
edges, polished wheels, tommasseli bracelets, seat mono homemade, LED back lighting in

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