Trunk 001

This bike is primarily the story of two buddies: Stephane and Damien "TRUNK Motorcycle' unpretentious no, thirty two of the southern suburbs of Paris, passionate motorcycle has always been. The meeting of these two characters is made through common friends: the current is immediately passed. 

And then a year ago is the declique, he decided to create the TRUNK. Nothing apparently do prédestinaient them the modification of moto... Finally nothing... Damien is a mechanic aero, when it does not organise maintenance of aircraft emiratis of the golf, it deals with corporate jets. For Stéphane course is different, great passionate cabinetry is by the ecole Boulle, it finds this taste for beautiful things and the neat work. Manual work for them, this is part of their genetic heritage! And also to meet them one realizes quickly, they do not spend an hour without mount and unmount something (in the having previously amended of course!), "it becomes sickly" laugh both.

Subsequently one knows therefore, these 2 brains and 4 hands for us out a large vintages. Everything is there, the epitome of a successful collaboration, the alpha and the omega: Stéphane design and Damien to maneuver. A straight bike out of their unconscious.
So gentlemen, this bike is it?

"I'm a big fan of Dirt Track" launches us Stéphane, «what we wanted that is outside the box, the bet to combine power and massing of the XJR 1300 in the rather racy line of the Dirt Track has been»

"Our initial credo is minimalism, only retain than the purity of a few lines. '' He is inspired by Indian ancestral philosophy a little distant way: say the least to express the most. All our work is summed up in this mantra: "simplicity is the supreme sophistication", that's our motto! ' says Stéphane bright-eyed, "when you arrive to be cleaned to the extreme, is that you have reached the essential, we like to say that gut with us is an obsession (laughs)" added Damien.

Therefore, borrowing of an almost mystical alchemy that this machine offers to us.
-Paint tank in reference to the first 500 XT version 1300. -Before way Dirt Track with a version DTRA plate
-Engine completely restored and repainted ceramics - 4 in 1 custom + 4 KN for a hum of old matou.
-Rims gold version
-Handlebar scrambler
-Small handlebar control Kit, mini counter and discreet Lighthouse - Hagon shock absorbers - framework reviewed and corrected to accommodate the new tack of the canasson
-Transmission version Dragster - ignition key remote

This bike is for the ring of Earth are they! Won bet? You judge!
With the XJR 1300 2001 model Carbureted, TRUNK Motorcycle here redefines the criteria of beauty and aesthetics version Cross / Dirt Track. This can be said unequivocally, there will be a before and an after XJR built by TRUNK Motorcycle. Just like Steve Jobs with Apple at the time, TRUNK Motorcycle signs here a top-flight performance: porter minimalism to its paroxysm "Why XJR wont' be like XJR.

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