DUCATI 750 SS 1998  #ADROCA by ADHOC Cafe Racers 

Receive commission from the best baker in the world 2014 and co-owner of the world's best restaurant of 2013 (the Celler de Can Roca) is a big responsibility. If in addition to this we add the fact break his proposal and "force" to buy a new bike for the project, the thing is multiplied.
This is a case where the customer is not always right, but often must leave a free hand to the professional who relies. In fact many are knocking at various workshops with ideas of what they want to be precise forcing to produce or reproduce motion that often they do not meet the customer and even those who work there

Jordi Roca, came with his ducati monster 696 with the idea of a cafe racer, but after a brief conversation left advise to buy a Ducati 750 SS, with a chassis that we found most useful for our project straight lines, although all the rear has been rebuilt, placing anchors leaks and including new footrests, topping the closing curve on which rests both dual seat, the seat of a place in fiberglass, both are upholstered in Alcantara, high quality fabric.

a project, required not leave the fuel tank as standard, and manufacture one handmade, inspired by the lines of a MH 900 model, classic ducati, retain the original pump and gas cap.

The dome fiberglass, gives a touch retro racing .for which we made a new spider, with the anchors for the headlight and which are located behind the new electronic scoreboards.

We replaced the original Enkei rims for a Kawasaki, with a design that fills up the whole. And the tires are about Michelin pilot power.

The exhaust pipes are Dunstall style, for which we have modified the collectors.

The engine has been completely repainted but has not suffered any mechanical change except carburetor having replaced the filter box original air to locate the battery and all wiring in place.

The frame is chrome and body colors are white and red tone off we call "strawberry syrup"

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