Rafik Kaissi of RK Concepts

Builder Category: Custom, Freestyle and Performance
Builder Name: Rafik Kaissi
Bike Brand: Engine, Buell 1200
Bike Model: RK Concepts
Bike Name: “RK S”
Bike Features: Frame was designed to have the shape of the letter S and to hold rear wheel on one side and to come around and to mount engine from the other side. ( it was a big challenge to keep bike balanced) but it was a success. A section of the frame was cut out to make gas tank and flanges were welded on to bolt it back to it. Down tube was designed to hold the oil. Neck has 37′ rake holding a one off single side front end to follow the shape of the frame and 2 leaf springs were used for suspension. A very unique handle bars also in the shape of an S. Twisted stainless steel hexagon was used to finish up a lot of the parts on the bike to give it an artistic look that I wanted. From the grips to flanges, seat, oil tank, kick stand, shifter linkage, exhaust and much more. Tires (Front | Rear): Avon Venom 130/70-18 | Avon Cobra 300/35R18 Rims (Front | Rear): Ride Wright Wheels designed by RK Concepts | Front 18×3.5 / Rear 18×10.5

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