Ludwigsen Bobber

Girando per il web ho trovato su Ebay anche questa Special fatta in casa partendo da un Confederate Wraith ma di cui il suo proprietario non era del tutto contento , cosi come spiega di seguito aggiungendo anche i particolari tecnici che sono stati fatti oggetto di attenzioni   

This is bike #1 of an upcoming limited production run. It is based on a combination of influential vintage motorcycles from the past, with some original modern styling blended in. It obviously has a very close resemblance to the original B 91 Wraith, from Confederate.

  I wanted this bike to be very minimalist, like the Wraith, but not quite so plain. I also wanted a fresh front end design that stands out, with a real simple vintage look. The under engine fuel cell is all aluminum and holds just under 3 gallons. Surprisingly, most people don't realize it's the gas tank. I built the exhaust on the opposite side because I couldn't get the exaggerated curves I wanted without interfering with the carb.

 I wanted the headers to be similar to the curves on a vintage GT40, and not something anyone can buy online. The XB engine still uses the Buell rubber mounting system for comfort and reliability. I added an extra link in the rear to provide lateral support for the back of the engine. The cosmetic covers where the gas tank usually is, hides the oil cooler and voltage regulator. Both items get a blast of cool air from the opening in the front of each cover. I went with Biltwell clubman bars to stay true to the "boardtracker" theme. 
I junked all the fuel injection and electronics and went with an Ultima adjustable ignition and Mikuni pumper. The engine is stock, so its very turn key.

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