Arc reveal what’s under the skin of Vector’s production architecture.


Ground-breaking electric motorcycle manufacturer Arc have released images of the cutting-edge 
architecture for their Vector motorcycle. Seen naked without its top panel and motor covers, the images show the very highest level of innovation and technology in the design.

The battery monocoque eliminates the need for a frame, with the strategic components connecting directly to the carbon fibre 
battery module. This approach leads to an incredibly simple and elegant design, breaking the mould of what has gone before. Pictures of this cutting-edge philosophy reveal a fully integrated motor and carbon fibre rear swing arm, carbon wheels, in fact 

The unique front suspension and steering set up also features a carbon front swing arm connected to a beautiful front upright which doubles up as the front fender, articulated through an ingenious steering scissor assembly. The geometry is manipulated through a double wishbone setup more akin to something you would find on an F1 car rather than a motorcycle. 

It is this set up which gives the Vector a high level of handling and agility.There has been a significant raft of changes from the early Vector 
prototypes with tech updates all over the motorcycle, although the Vector has thankfully maintained its stunning looks and all the innovative features that were showcased previously. 

These changes include introduction of a belt drive, moving away from the original chain drive, and the 
technological mavericks at Arc have also now finalised Arc’s own motor, vehicle controller, and DC/DC converter designs with in-house developed software.Arc’s Founder and CEO Mark Truman 
stated: “The architecture featured in the images is now production ready and a number of production spec Vector motorcycles will be out in Spain for final sign off and homologation over the coming months”. 

Asked about sales, Truman revealed: “We have a very healthy order book and customers are already going through our new commissioning suite in Central England to individually tailor each Vector motorcycle so that they are all unique. Keep your eyes peeled for a very special limited edition that we 
will be launching early next year that will allow customers to get closer to their technology and be involved in the creation of future cutting edge tech breakthroughs”. 
Truman also hinted that people should follow Arc’s social channels, as one lucky person may be given the opportunity to win a place on this special program next year.


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