Tyler Florence’s Triumph Bonneville Cafe Racer


Ecco la ricetta per preparare cafe racer su base Triumph  Bonnie
So, here are the ingredients that make up this customized T100 . . . a bike baked to perfection: 
  •  Take one new Bonneville T100, keep the frame and stock engine, remove everything else. 
  • Ceramic-tape wrap the pipes for scale, and fit Norton Commando ‘peashooter’ tail pipes. 
  • Re-valve the forks and use Öhlins’ few-off ATV race shocks at the back. 
  • Install a 17” front wheel (vs. the stock 19”). 
  • Design and install ‘button’ switches within the bars. 
  • Find a 1970s-style tank, based on the legendary Slippery Sam Trident (a consecutive ’72-’75 TT title winner), reshaped by Ukiah’s brilliant Evan Wilcox. 
  • Dig up original Triumph (logo) tank nameplates. 
  • Have Wilcox hammer out a steel tail based on Ducati’s 750 Supersport bevel-head. 
  • Find the perfect tail light (clue: See that boat trailer, in traffic, with clever little rear lights? Now scour boat shops until you find one). 
  • Marinate the freshly sanded steel tank and tail section in a 15-gallon tub of balsamic vinegar—five hours, 150F. 
  • Remove, wash and dry the tank and tail to ‘cure’ for two hours. 
  • Dunk for another two hours to ‘fix’ the correct patina of an old chef’s knife blade. 
  • Clear-coat and install tank and tail (with appropriate leather seat). 
  • Under the headlight, fit a quickly detachable leather pouch. 
  • Fit side number plates — ‘8’ — celebrating Tyler’s daughter Dorothy, born 8-8-08 at 8:00 a.m.

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