Some of you may have wondered, what happened to all those crazy people who loved Sroint racer races around Europe? Simple they found another opportunity to continue having fun with the Kilometrelance Alpine 1000. What is it ? Soon said

The historic St. Moritz Automobile Week 1929 and 1930 consisted of the Kilometer Race on the so-called Shellstrasse, a Concours d'Elegance at the Kurhaus (today's Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains in St. Moritz Bad), a Gymkhana, a rally and, as the highlight, the Bernina Race. At that time, Hans Stuck on Austro Daimler (1929) and Louis Chiron on Bugatti (1930) won the competitions.
It was only logical to revive the Kilometer Race and the Concours d'Elegance. Of course, such events have to be adapted to the times without losing the reference to the historical model. We will certainly succeed in this with the "Kilomètre Lancé - Alpine 1000" and the "Motorsport Rendezvous".

Today, of course, the acceleration sprints are no longer held on public roads. Engadin Airport, however, is not only within sight of the historic venue, it also has a suitable track with its 1.8 km runway. The airport management and also the responsible municipality of Samedan are positively disposed towards the new edition of the historic Kilometer Race. Thus, this historic event can finally be revived as the „Kilomètre Lancé - Alpine 1000“ in Samedan.

For this purpose, our team is supported by knowledgeable reinforcement: Tobias Aichele and Jörg Litzenburger, known in the scene mainly for the "Solitude Rennen" and "Glemseck 101", will actively support us in the implementation of the sprint event and other event aspects, so that the "Kilomètre Lancé - Alpine 1000" becomes a real festival for classic mobility, in which the Sprints are the focus.

As an essential part, the "Kilomètre Lancé - Alpine 1000" will also be the opening event of the new "International St. Moritz Automobile Week" on the weekend before the Bernina Gran Turismo.

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