Venier Customs / Tractor 02

Moto Guzzi V7 Stone 750cc – 2013 / Tractor 02 by Venier Customs 
This Moto Guzzi V7 stone is my first build here in the US and the first brand new motorcycle I did, the bike went straight from the store to the shop. I found the experience really great because now I know that I can work on newer motorcycles and obtain the bikes I want.

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We worked on a brand new Moto Guzzi V7 Stone and was built for a New York client. The concept was to build a Moto Guzzi Scrambler based on the Tractor V75 I already did, I find this theme of Moto Guzzi Scramblers really fun to work on. This Time we wanted to give a more mean look to it so we used knobby tires, Continetal dual sport, and a black LSL small headlight. The concept of this specific Tractor is that has to be comfortable for 2 people, that’s why the seat is a little longer than usual and the all body is 30mm moved towards the back. The speedo also is a GPS legendary speedo, very nice product, is not a small speedo but very convenient to travel with. The entire body of the bike is hand made out of aluminum, tank is the one I designed for the Tractor v75 that we adapted it to incorporate the fuel pump, is my ideal Moto Guzzi Scrambler tank. Wheels are from a Moto Guzzi V7 racer, the alloy wheels were not good on this transformation. Colors are two glossy cool grays with a gold strip matching the gold logo, simple and elegant, I don’t like the stereotype of flashy colors on custom builds, very unnecessary. We installed the vintage valve covers removing the plastic ones and fabricated some cylinder head guards to better protect Moto Guzzi new cylinders, they changed shape after decades in 2013. The electronic has ben relocated, lights all changed and we hand made the seat with the Italian flag that is basically our badge. Mufflers are the Norton Commando Style Megatone that we used to give some elegance to the build, I find very interesting the opposition of knobby tires with the Commando Megatones, elegance against roughness. Handlebar is a black aluminum Renthal from motocross, which we shorten a little bit. The bike is a light Moto Guzzi scrambler that will easily fight against New York pav holes and crazy taxi drivers. 

Please feature photo credits by : Alex Logaiski

Current builds

I’m currently working on the Scrambler 03 based on a V7 Classic and the proportions of the tail will be different, each bike will be done based on clients needs but always having the Tractor look. Also on a brand new Moto Guzzi California 1400 that is finally ready for paint, is a really complex motorcycle to work on. I’m trying with my designs to move away from the café’ racers scene, I would like to Redesign Motorcycles not follow the flow. In this particular moment between Italy and the US I have all the Moto Guzzis you can think of under construction, from the 1000sp to the new California. The only one I’m missing is the Griso, can’t wait to put my hands on one of those, it’s going to be nasty.

Actually I was contacted by Moto Guzzi and I will have the honor to go In Mandello del Lario to be part of the focus groups for their new designs at the end of July.

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