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Honda CL 350

Visto che a molti interessa questa Cafe Racer su base Honda CL 350 aggiungo di seguito la breve scheda che mi ha scritto il suo creatore ;-)
It’s a 1973 CL350 sporting a 1969 CB350 tank. I had the fenders, fork lowers, headlight bracket and triple-trees all powdercoated black.

I swapped out the CL pipes for standard CB headers mated to NOS MC Motorcycles shorty bell-mouth mufflers.

The seat is custom shaped foam and custom covered on a stock CB seat pan, so it uses stock mounting points.

My favorite part, and the part that gets the most attention from fellow riders, is the custom headlight bracket. I fabbed the pieces myself and had a shop weld it for me. The headlight is a CEV scooter headlight, which houses a 2.25″ tach. The taillight is a Lucas style unit with integrated plate mount and light.

The 1 7/8″ speedo is mounted to TTR400 CNC’d clip-ons.

The paint is Corvette Victory Red and a GM maroon done by Josh Ferry of The Autobody Complex in Wichita, Kansas.

The pinstriping was done by Josh Christy of VanChase Studio (

The bike is lowered 2″ in front and uses heavy RaceTech springs and 20wt oil in the CL360 forks. The back is riding on 11″ short shocks.

Tires are Avon RoadRiders.

I think that covers most of it. Feel free to e-mail with questions, or check out more pics on my flickr at the website link above.



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