The best projects take a long time, sometimes years of work, as in this case.
For this result it has taken almost seven years, since VSB Moto, vintage superbike specialists have found the chassis of a Katana GS750S '82

This  project  started 7  years ago on  paper when  I decided  to  commission  a build for a more  modern  Pro-Street  version of  the original  Katana, without  changing the great original lines of this iconic bike. Fast forward and this build is my modern vision of what I have been thinking about for years and I have to tell,  I am very pleased with how our Pro-Street Katana  build  turned out!   An original period  CALFAB swing arm was used  which  extended the wheel base from the stock 59.8” to 61.3”.  The extra  1.5” longer wheel base really helps to keep the  front end  down under hard acceleration  from the 180/55  rear  tire with almost  145 H.P.  at the rear wheel.                                          

The  fully  built  1135R puts  close to 175 H.P.  at the crank  &  is a real blast to wind out. This Katana  was built  for the street with performance &  comfort in mind.  With a higher rear tail, modern suspension,  17” wheels with a steering head mounted  Ohlin’s  damper,  the longer wheel base has little effect on the razor sharp handling.  Highlights  include:  Fully Braced Frame,  over-sized  oil cooler and  custom  rear exhaust  hanger,  custom wiring  with a fully modern  under-seat  mounted digital  electronics  package with RFID  Key Fob  Ignition Switch.   Topping  off  the list,  is  a Custom  Black & Silver (simulated  carbon  fiber) Seat Cover to complement the  Wes Cooley inspired Custom Paint  Job. 

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