Paris Dakar Rallye 600


Custom built by: Steve Hague
Steve has a long history of racing dirt bikes. He first started solo motocross over 44 years ago and has never stopped racing since. He’s finished the gruelling Paris Dakar twice in 1999 and 2004 but it is the 1980’s Paris Dakar Works BMW’s of Gaston Rahier that motivated him to take up long distance desert rally racing and the inspiration for this, his take on a CCM Spitfire Dakar bike.

There’s no getting around it: those colours, the big tank, those number plates with the inscription ‘VSD’ and the high fenders evoke only one thing: the Paris-Dakar of the almost groundbreaking and free-spirited days of Lalay, Neveu, Auriol, De Petri, Picco and Rahier, just to name a few. The Dakar of the 80s left an indelible mark on those who fell in love with the desert adventure races.

Custom made 80s fairing

The basis is a CCM Spitfire Scrambler and its well-known 550cc four-stroke single cylinder with 55 hp and 58 Nm of torque. But the changes, not just cosmetic, are many compared to the original model: Marzocchi was used for the USD fork and Brembo for the braking system. 

Lower skid plates have been fitted, as well as a giant fuel tank to match the headlamp holder, which uses the original headlamp assembly in a custom made 80s fairing. The equipment is completed by Michelin tires on 21- and 18-inch rims, Renthal handlebars, new triple clamps and a saddle in classic black and white that almost perfectly matches the BMW, the winner of 1985.

CCM Motorcycles

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