Yamaha Ténéré Classic KIT
The parts of the replacement kit weigh about 4.5 kg less than the original ones and come from components that are located in front of the handlebar on the standard Ténéré. It is for this reason that the kitted bike is easier to handle than the production model. It becomes much more "racing" and drivable off-road...it looks like another motorbike! 

After about 4 hours of assembling the KIT you will have revolutionized the look of your motorbike making it unique, without modifying anything of the original parts. The Kit is compatible with all Ténéré 700 models (not World Raid). 

At any time you will be able to restore your bike to its original configuration. Naturally, in addition to the basic KIT, you will have the possibility to implement your Ténéré with other accessories visible in SPECIAL PARTS or in the CONFIGURATOR. 

Equipped with knobby tyres, it won't find obstacles even off-road, also because the precious original parts are safe in your garage.
The Ténérè Classic KIT is supplied painted or neutral, with everything needed for assembly including an instruction video for the disassembly of the original parts and the subsequent assembly of the kit.

NB The kit is compatible with Ténérè 700 World Raid models excluded.

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