GS1200SS N-san | Adult GS1200SS sticking to the old style


By the time when Suzuki for the first time presented its over 1000cc machines, back in the early eighties, the Japanese customers couldn't buy them. The regulations prohibited selling motorcycles with larger than 750cc engines on the domestic market in Japan. No wonder the 1100cc Katanas and other sports muscle bikes of the eighties were selling well over the decade after the model were discontinued in Europe and USA, when the regulations finally were dropped.

Nostalgic design sell quite well in Japan. The new GS1200SS was simply a modern version of the GSX-R1100 from the eighties. A sports-bike for those who dreamed about it when they couldn't get it. It was presented for the domestic market in 2001, available in black or red/black.

The GS12000SS is a full modern bike, although in some details the GS1200SS is still old-fashioned. 

Displacement: 1156cc

Piston: Normal

Carburetor: FCR39Φ Black body

Oil cooler: Proto round 13 steps


F caliper: AP racing caliper 4P

F fork: Inner tube titanium coat / outer tube diamond coat

F Rotor: Sunstar Neo Classic

F Brake Master: Brembo RCSΦ19 Corsa Corta

Clutch Master: Brembo RCS Φ19

Handle: Daytona Φ43 black specification

Master stay one-off production

Caliper bolt one-off production

Bolt one-off production around the handle

Swing arm: One-off stabilizer

R Suspension: Quantum

Exterior: Swordsmith Upper Cowl kit

Headlight: Sphere Light LED

Battery case one-off production

Fuse box stay one-off production

Starter relay stay one-off production

Oil catch tank stay one-off production

Oil catch tank drain welding

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