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When it was released, this Triumph became an overnight classic taking the Daytona 900 and giving it more power, better brakes, and a slightly lighter overall weight. Despite there being only 805 machines ever produced, a remarkable number of these have been preserved and you can still find them for sale at fairly reasonable prices.

Back in 1993, Triumph were already showing signs that they'd be a force to be reckoned with and their Daytonas were showing the way. Though not as nimble as others in its class, and with a rather more top-heavy geometry, the triple cylinder engine gave back a lot of character with its renowned rumble and bulletproof design. No longer was 'character' a synonym for unreliability, these machines were designed to keep running for ever. Even hitting the 9,500 rpm redline doesn't stress the Daytona Super III.

Derived from the three-cylinder Daytona 900, the new model is equipped with many details in carbon fiber (mudguards, chain cover and exhaust lining). The braking system is equipped with a 6-piston caliper. But the most interesting changes are on the inside. Thanks to the collaboration with "Cosworth Castings", the engine casings are revised, thus reducing the weight of the engine by 4.5 kg. Other changes made are the revision of the automatic adjustment system of the play of the primary distribution chain and of the relative heat treatment. The new camshafts offer new, more stringent diagrams to improve the delivery torque. The compression ratio increases to 12: 1 thanks to high compression pistons and a new machining of the head. All this work leads to an output of 115 hp. This model, built in a limited series, is completely assembled by hand.

 However despite all the improvements, it still didn't really make it a true sports-bike due to the weight... but it did make the best sports-tourer money could buy.

You do need to be careful when buying a Super III though as there are many fakes out there. Don't be persuaded if someone says that the unmarked 6-pot front brake caliper is original equipment. If in doubt, get in touch with the TOMCC and verify the frame and engine numbers.

Production started in late 1993 and finished at the start of 1996 with models being exported to all corners of the globe.




3 Cylinders in line




885 cc

Bore / Stroke

76 mm x 65 mm

Compression ratio

12: 1


3 MIKUNI BST 36mm CV carburettors

Liquid cooling

Cooling circuit capacity 2.8 lt

I unload

Two silencers, one on each side (3 in 2)

Final transmission

Chain (??/??)


9 discs in oil bath


6 reports

Lubricant capacity

4 lt

Electrical system


YUASA YB14L-A2 (12V - 14Ah)


12V - 25A

Alternator voltage

14.5V @ 5500rpm

Power on

Electronic, inductive transistor

Electronic engine rpm limiter

9700 rpm

3 x NGK DPR 8EA-9 spark plugs

Chassis and Instrumentation




In extruded aluminum

Front wheel

17 "x 3.5" aluminum rim

Rear wheel Aluminum rim 17 "x 5.5"

Front tire

120/70 x 17 V280

Rear tire 180/55 x 17 V280

Front suspension

43mm telescopic fork

Adjustments: compression, preload and hydraulic brake

150 mm excursion

Rear suspension Gas single shock absorber

Adjustments: preload and hydraulic brake

126 mm travel

Front brake Two 310mm floating discs with six-piston caliper

Rear brake A 255mm disc with two-piston caliper

Display instrumentation / functions

Tachometer, speedometer, total and partial odometer, water thermometer and service warning lights (including reserve)


Racing Yellow



2152 mm

Width (handlebar)

690 mm

Height (without mirrors)

1185 mm

Saddle height

790 mm


1490 mm

Quill inclination / Trail

27 ° / 105 mm

Total fuel tank capacity

25 lt

Fuel reserve (tap)

5 lt

Fuel reserve warning light ignition level

7 lt

Curb weight

-Dry weight

211 kg

Maximum load

181 kg


Max power

115 hp / 84 kW @ 9500rpm

Max torque89 Nm @ 8500rpm 

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