Z Racer III

Sanctuary's competitive activity dates back to 1995, when it originated in Taste of Freelance (TOF), which has been an entrance among racing enthusiasts since its founding in Matsudo City. After moving to Edogawa Ward in 2000, he started the shop-led large-scale racing business.
The A16 is an original bike with a frame equipped with the engine of the famous KZ1000 produced in the 70s.

Although it is a motorcycle equipped with an old-fashioned air-cooled engine, the frame size has been built to elevate the performance of a road sports car to the modern level.

It's a crazy bike that has two elements, good old days and modern times, and was produced with only 30 completely limited units.

The Kawasaki Z1 was born in 1972 with the aim of being the fastest in the world. The installed DOHC 2-valve in-line 4-cylinder engine had the highest quality and the cast iron crankcase was robust and had high potential as a base engine for tuning.

Various parts were developed for the Z1 which was also used for road racing and drag racing, and because it was highly compatible with the parts of the next car that appeared later, more trainers and enthusiasts who are looking to pursue them will be amassed.

The actually modified engine is violent and powerfully reborn as if it were different from the regular one, and if you take it seriously, you can get power comparable to that of a modern water-cooled motorcycle.

Although the Z1 started out as a super sports car, it's in a position where it doesn't have to lean forward as much as it is now, and its versatility accepts any style depending on use such as touring and city driving. Few bikes can accept as much variety as the Z1 with just one bike.

Against such a backdrop of times, manufacturers have introduced new models in a tremendous cycle. Aluminum frame, water-cooled engine, fairing, the performance of the machine will improve quickly.

Meanwhile, there are people, who can't buy a new one. What action they did ... with the idea of ​​trying to make their bike faster, they started putting it into practice.

Take the new model parts and replace them with high performance aftermarket parts.

The know-how accumulated through repeated trial and error has been sublimated into the form of Sanctuary's complete "RCM" custom machine and continues to the present day.

Bimota, Egli, Moriwaki Monster ... In the past, many manufacturers made original frames with the aim of improving performance on the track, but all were based on the use of 18-inch tires, which was the mainstream at the time.

The original frame optimized for the latest 17-inch high-performance tires is the aforementioned Rush Deal Z, and it's the No. 2 which was the source of the RCM USA A16 we are currently working on.

This never-ending act is arguably Z1's great attraction that has been sustained from that time until today


◇ RCM USA A16 frame (1R9S double cradle steel tube)

◇ OHLINS front suspension (FGRT200)

◇ OHLINS rear suspension (Grand Twin)

◇ Front and rear wheels O ・ Z Racing (Magnetic BAD Front 3.50-17 Rear 6.00-17)

◇ Front and rear Pirelli tires (DAIBLO Super Corsa V3 Front 120 / 70-17 Rear 200 / 60-17)

◇ Drive chain EK520

◇ SCULPTURE steering pin (compatible product with dedicated A16 inverted fork)

◇ SCULPTURE swingarm (dedicated A16)

◇ Brembo front brake caliper (CNC 4P GP4RX)

◇ Brembo Rear Brake Caliper (CNC 2P)

◇ SUNSTAR Front Brake Disc (RCM Concept Works Expand φ320)

◇ SUNSTAR Rear Brake Disc (Custom φ230)

◇ Brembo Brake Master Cylinder and Front Clutch (CNC Radial Master Cylinder)

◇ Pump

Nissin rear brake ◇ Allegri front and rear brake and clutch hoses (short system)

◇ Original KZ1000ST engine casing (processed product)

◇ Original GPz1100 crankshaft (weight balance completely rebuilt)

◇ Original GPz1100 timing chain and guide (processing for chain

Hibo) ◇ Original GPz1100 cylinder (oversized liner boring)

◇ Original GPz1100 cylinder head (door expansion and intake side molding direct mounting of the throttle body)

◇ Annie's Piston (Process77 processing for Zephyr 1100) freight)

◇ WEB camshaft (435 cams)

◇ large valve original valve stem diameter 5.5 mm

◇ SANCTUARY oil pump (Reshingutaipu YRP mass trochoidal rotor pump)

◇ original Kawasaki ZX-10R throttle body (piece Fai43)

◇ NITRO RACING exhaust silencer (WELD 3D Titanium EX + Titanium Silencer Variant)

◇ NITRO RACING x EARLS oil cooler (11 inch round core)

Original SANCTUARY fuel tank (Built-in monobloc fuel pump) ◇ Saddle

single TOMO FRP (A16 only)

◇ Undertail NITRO RACING (Machined produced for Z)

◇ Step NITRO RACING (only for A16)

◇ NITRO RACING clutch release disc

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