RCM USA A16R-005

AC Sanctuary has just presented their latest A16R project to the public
Everyone knows the Japanese atelier as the best experts of the Jap-based restomod, in their hands even the older bikes of over 40 years manage to become effective means of driving.
Now they have pushed their philosophy beyond that vision, while maintaining the chassis and engine, they have created a modern and captivating version.

As you all know, this RCM A16 is an
original frame machine based on the air-cooled Z.

The original frame that Sanctuary is proud of is
designed with a geometry that is specialized for the front and rear 17-inch wheels,
and the rolling chassis that best matches the 17-inch wheels demonstrates the athletic performance of the current machine level...

I think many owners have already experienced the excellent running performance of the air-cooled Z-based RCM, but this A16 is a performance that
surpasses that, and if you handle the polished handling as a sports bike, anyone can do it. You will be able to experience
the world of a different dimension , which is completely different from what you have experienced before .

The frame pivot is a shaving machined from SS400, which is an
uncommon and luxurious manufacturing method. The pivot body is carefully hollowed out on the back side and has a
structurally efficient ribbed shape. Achieving rigidity...

Since it is a completely machined piece, the left and right pivots themselves also function as frame jigs,
and it is also a pivot that contributes significantly to the construction of highly accurate frames.

In addition, by designing to lower 10mm from the pivot position of the Z frame, it is possible
to set the rear vehicle height, which is insufficient when making 17 inches, to an
appropriate vehicle height without depending on the swing arm drooping angle ...
The diameter of the pivot shaft has also been increased from the normal φ16 to φ20, and a
chromoly hollow pivot shaft has been used exclusively for the A16 .

The original KZ1000 engine was completely disassembled
once , and after being coated with a gun coat, it was assembled again in a full course of precision internal combustion engine processing.

The crankshaft has
a phase balancing specification in which the press fit is disassembled and the bearings are replaced, and the rebuild is applied to correct the phase. By performing this menu,
engine vibration is greatly reduced...

I changed the cylinder head to MK-II head because I wanted to make it square.

The built-in slipper clutch KIT is made by diverting genuine parts,
and the slipper
mechanism is indispensable for pursuing the theme [Ease of riding] that Mr. SI wants most . Must have! I
was even impressed.

The exhaust is a muffler
that adds a secondary air supply structure with Weldcraft Titanium EX , a top lineup of Nitro Racing, and exhausts the exhaust gas left as unburned after
completely burning it.

Fuel injection that is completely machined to make it stand out. The throttle body is
Plus Alpha's original product!

The injection map was input by Seitaro, who is in charge of the mechanic,
and the practicality/actual emphasis map that inherits the Z Racer Unit 3 taste is
planned to be boiled down on the chassis dynamo.

Nakamura of course has experience riding air-cooled Z fuel injection, but
I was
touched by whether or not it is possible to cancel out the subtle areas that the carburetor cannot completely overwhelm .

What's more, I was surprised whether my favorite machine, RCM-001, was at that stage in spite of the fact that the map set was still incomplete .

I can't forcibly ask everyone, "Get on!"

But even though I loved cabs that much,
I think it's true that I can't go back to cabs anymore .

Or also help feeling of injection, A16 is really riding easier
above all its lightness attractive ...

The event isn't
currently being held due to the effects of corona, but before every time the mechanics tried to load Hiace to exhibit the A16 at the event venue ,
"I can see that it is light just by rolling this bike. ! and "align the Minaguchi
has to say, Nakamura also this lightness is ... not obtained from the mere weight difference
when there is a light of feel from the compact between the low and the front and rear wheel axis of the roll axis,

The completely handmade one-off aluminum tank is a
faithful reproduction of the form requested by Mr. S.I.

As with Z Racer Unit 3, it is easy to get a knee grip and a completely original
tank with a sharp shape is attractive!

But lately, I started to think that a tank with a monotonous line like the Z series is also good,
so the other day I came up with the idea of ​​making a perfect Z1-R shape A16... With a
separate handle, the upper cowl is low. Positioned, the tank is
a size volume just in between the 1st type and the 2nd type ...
If you make it with a shape that can be called exactly a 1.5 type tank, I think it is quite cool! 

So, as you know, this one-off aluminum tank has a structure that can be opened and closed easily...

As with the Z Racer Unit 3 tank, the tank is opened a little and the
plug is checked, so the best maintenance is achieved.

By the way, the capacity of this tank is 20 liters, and the
fuel efficiency of injection is added, so the cruising range is quite long.

The seat with gel built in at the bottom is this 005 special that gives you a comfortable sitting feeling.
There is also room in the front and rear spaces to allow for riding when you lie down.

The SS-style seat cowl with a sharp tail up and the
rear fender that did one off again were grinning from beginning to end at the request of SI 

I used to take the Z1 that I loved very much before and took it in as a trade-
in. I chose it as a new partner RCM A16R-005...I
also liked the Z1 for a long time, but I have been riding for a long time, but there is nothing like this machine the
idea to say that I if even one of timeless highest peak to say was also empathy myself.

It was about two years ago that the Z1 was traded in, so
this machine is finally trying to reach its delivery after a really long production period of two years .

It is not a series of custom or modification, but it can be said that the owner
S.I and the mechanic, Seitaro, built a complete bike from one to

Except for the muffler, fuel injection, braking system, etc., the A16 is a
machine that allows you to customize the color coordination of each part, position, and exterior design .

The latest SS machine style is also good ... The shape of the air-cooled Z itself is also good ...

It is an RCM that embodies one's own image and creates and creates it.

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