Waiting for "Godet" | Egli-Vincent 1330 Café Racer by Godet

In the 1960s, Fritz Egli took the incredibly powerful Vincent engines and inserted them in a tubular frame of the spine type, completely welded together. Entirely handmade and incredibly rare, He-Vincent became one of the most competitive bikes of his time. Hence the series of continuations by Patrick Godet, of which this Café Racer is one. Faithful to the original, Godet machines are so authentic that he himself gave Godet the use of his name.

Patrick Godet specializes in Vincent's restoration and He-Vincent's recreation. His colleagues and Vincent's community have repeatedly recognized the quality of his restoration work and when Patrick started producing He-Vincent in a limited edition, the feedback was no different. Fritz He was so impressed by the quality of the machine he was presented with that he gave Godet Motorcycles special permission to be the only producer of these new racing cars with the name He-Vincent ... and he even ordered one for himself!

Patrick understands the details and authenticity makes little room for compromise. Don't ask him for a couple of carbon discs or wheels, you'll probably be told to buy something else like a Ducati ... In fact, Patrick wants to stay true to the original design and only work on reliability and performance, based on his thirty more years of experience in the race for Vincent. The result is surprising and exceptional in terms of quality and finish. Many times his colleagues have recognized his work with "Best of Shows" that he deserves.

This has a Vincent 1330 engine with magnesium crankcase and carburetors. Equipped with front and rear Fontana brakes, it is equipped with an electric starter, an electronic ignition, an aluminum tank and a stainless steel silencer. The four-speed gearbox is new and has a multi-plate clutch

As for aesthetics, there are three main choices to make: with or without the half-fairing, with or without the side panels and, of course, they determine the color, both for the engine (black or glossy) and for the color of the bike (whatever you want ). The Café Racer will be supplied as standard with the "banana" tank, the single seat, the clip handlebar and the controls for the running feet.

Today, Patrick is able to provide the complete restoration of Vincent and Egli-Vincent road machines to new conditions, as well as the new Vincent and Egli-Vincent single-cylinder racing cars. The knowledge of the Vincent engine and 35 years of development on the Vincent V-Twin makes its drivers among the most competitive on the track.

Today the Café Racer is certainly one of the most emblematic and desirable Classic Bike on the road. Check it out!

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